Cultivating An Abundance Attitude

It’s tempting when you’re struggling with money issues to think that this really is a cruel unfriendly world. There you are, working your ass off, and it’s all money out, out, out, leaving you constantly looking at your bank account while others around you “seem” to have anything and everything they want.

But just as the sun seems to move around the earth rather than the earth around the sun, that’s just an illusion. I’m going to show you that, despite your tight financial circumstances, you are infinitely richer than you think. And that, when you discover just how abundant your life is, your financial situation will dramatically change as well.

We tend to think that abundance, or wealth, or riches, or the flow of all good things, is confined to having money. Well, it isn’t. Here are six other kinds of abundance that are almost certainly available to you right now, without any investment or effort on your part. Once you focus on these areas of abundance, you will find that your AA, or “Abundance Attitude” will automatically trigger a corresponding reaction in the state of your finances and make you abundant financially as well.

  1. Creative Abundance. Even if you don’t have a nickel, penny or a yen to your name, you can still have a torrent of great ideas. The truth of the matter is, while “God” did not create money, (it’s purely a human concept), It did create a thought-based Universe. There are no limits to your thoughts. You can have as many as you want. You can make them as grand as you want. Your thoughts literally travel around the Universe and even, say some, through all time. Allow yourself to dream of what you can bring into this world and you’ll realize how abundant you really are. More to the point, all your money-spinning ideas come from your thoughts. It’s a huge, free and endlessly renewable resource so why not use it.


  1. Choice Abundance. Unless you are reading this from a jail cell, you are a free person, with free will, and free choices about how to live your life. So, if your present circumstances are not what you want, all you have to do is change your choices for something else and you’ll get a different result. Choose another habit, another action, another way of working, another style, another task, another location, another venture. You have an abundance of choices in every moment of your life. Choose wisely.


  1. Gifts Abundance. Many people who remain poor in their lives do so because they don’t realize how gifted they really are. They are locked in to a victim mentality where a number of excuses are used to explain why they don’t have what they want. There’s the excuse of “I’m not good enough” or “I’m not wealthy enough” or “I’m not lucky enough” or any other similar phrase. The truth is that “God” has not singled out anyone to have more gifts than anyone else. We are all uniquely – and abundantly – gifted. Once you find out what your gifts are – through a process of experience, trial and error, feedback from others, and honest self-assessment – then you’ll find yourself in an Aladdin’s cave of treasure that will grant you endless wishes for the rest of your life. You are abundantly talented, so find them and use them.


  1. Health Abundance. Even if you find yourself down on your luck financially, there’s no reason why you cannot bask in the glow of abundant health. One of the ironies of modern life is that many people are caught in the trap of working long hours in order to have enough money to buy the antidotes to the stressful and unhealthy lifestyle they lead. They work to excess so that they can buy the holidays they need to recover from their excessive working. The fact is, you were meant to live a healthy and abundant life, full of energy and vitality. It is your birthright. If you seek out how to live the abundantly healthy lifestyle you were meant to live, it may well be the financially wealthy who envy you!


  1. Love Abundance. The idea that we are all abundant in love may sound sentimental, but there is no getting away from the fact that, while your capacity to earn has limits – even for the super-wealthy – your capacity to love and be loved is without limits. When you uncork the Love stoppers in your life, you release such a flow of good things for yourself and others that it’s like champagne all the way. Give and show love to those who are important to you. Love strangers rather than fearing or judging them. Love every creature you share this planet with. Love what you do each day. And most of all love yourself. Don’t be sentimental about it. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. And there are no limits to it if you’ll just let yourself do it.


  1. Material Abundance. Our modern age has brainwashed most people into believing that without money they are not materially rich. This is simply a trick of clever marketing aimed at making the perpetrators of the myth money-rich themselves. The truth is that you came to enjoy the fruits of the earth in abundance whether you have money or not. You simply don’t need a big house, a big yacht, a villa in Spain, a six-figure income, and four holidays a year to enjoy abundance. And the place to look? Well, it’s not in the man-made malls and supermarkets. It’s in nature. Wander through a wood in autumn and see the sheer abundance of food for free. Walk along a beach after a stormy sea to see what has been given you for free. Turn your small garden patch into a summertime larder. Look at the wonders of nature and you’ll never again believe that you must have lots of money to live happily and well.

And now for the key to your financial future. When you focus on these six areas of super-abundance – your endless gift for creativity, your infinite range of life choices, your unique talents, your inalienable right to health, your unlimited capacity to love, and the cornucopia of the natural world – you cannot help but live a wonderfully abundant life. If you really believe that abundance and wealth is already yours, you will create the seventh abundance with astonishing ease. And money will flow into your life as if by magic.