Have you ever had a nagging desire, idea or dream that just wouldn’t go away? Positivseeds has been that for us. This project is the manifestation of an idea that presented itself in the Spring of 2011.  The idea was to develop a place, where persons of like mind would find topics related to leading a life highly influenced by selecting the Positive path.

Where do our thoughts originate? Have you heard the ether, God or another deity, collective consciousness. Truth be told no one knows. Some of our best minds have pondered this question and have put forth their ideas. What we firmly believe here at Positivseeds, is that you are not your thoughts.

The Positivseeds domain was registered in April of 2012. Why did it take so long to manifest? First we needed to overcome and sharpen our agility when it came to life lessons. There were moments of self doubt, doubt in the dream, doubt in the vision, and doubt about our level of impact. Through the awesomeness of stilling the mind via meditation, we began to notice that our thoughts, “good” and “bad” were just that, thoughts. These thoughts could be viewed as seeds scattered on the ground of our mind, and it was up to us whether we nourished them though our attention or dismissed them as the watcher.

We are strong believers that our thoughts are the “rudder” of our lives! Our thoughts are the precursors to our actions and produce many of the experiences in our lives.

We’re approaching this work from the perspective of curiosity. We have a number of different ideas and will roll them out as the community grows. We want you to join the community if any of this resonates with you…You can begin by a.) Signing up for our newsletter  b.) Simply LIKE our Facebook Page or c.) Follow us on Instagram. Why not do all 3…

Let’s see what happens.