Keep It Positiv

Keep It Positive by Positiveseeds The world is in perpetual motion, our choices are like Chess moves on the board of life. If we opt to make more positive choices, we have the opportunity of tipping the game in our favor. Not every time, however more OFTEN than less.

We want to spread the energy of positivity, contributing our small part to strengthen the balance. 

“I would like to see more people adopt an attitude and mindset of positivity. Why not!” Gary C

Children-The ultimate positive thinkers.

Let me say it again “Children are the ultimate positive thinkers”. They have not learned that life throws curves and that challenges are around the bend, and necessary.

They look at life as a big adventure. Maybe you should adopt that way of thinking. Think about a child in your life. They seem to have no fear of new things. They will try anything once. They love life and are optimistic and happy. Children love to explore the world and what life has to offer. (more…)