Welcome to The positivseeds experiment Podcast

The goal of the podcast is to have an open dialog. Sometimes it’s solo, with me Gary your host, and occasionally special guest(s). We’ll get into topics from A-Z as it relates to Mind, Body and Spirit. All in with the intent on be a Positive element in each others lives.

  Intent and Vision

To contribute our level of “weird” to this amazingly vast world. 

Think of this as an invitation to do something different! With a unique point of view that isn’t common. For example, It’s much easier to copy what seems to be working for others instead of doing the hard work of finding (and owning) what we uniquely have to say. It takes careful digging, like an archeologist uncovering an ancient secret, but when a human be.ing reaches the revelation, This…this is why we’re here!”, words aren’t enough. 

Does that make sense?


What We Hold 

  1. You are responsible for you, no one else!
  2. Constant learning and adapting is essential to our overall well-being
  3. Learning is an essential element for growth, which leads to greater contribution
  4. We are all connected! What so ever I do to you, I do also to myself
  5. Intuition is a force that should not be denied
  6. Purpose – happiness of self and others
  7. Steadfast Healthy DETERMINATION and DISCIPLINE are the keys for our growth and ability to contribute consciously.
  8. WHY NOT ME!

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The Team

Gary Cambridge

Gary Cambridge


I’m Gary Cambridge, host and founder of the Positivseeds Experiment podcast. I also get the pleasure of serving as a husband, father, son, brother, uncle, friend… I’m very new to this, and enjoying this journey as a human be.ing, thus I will definitely make mistakes. I managed to pickup an MBA in Media Management 🙂 some time back, and decided to put it to practical use.

The conversations I would like to cultivate here will cover the A through Z of life.

I make no professional claims to be an expert in any of the areas that we will venture into. However, with that said, my goal will be to get those who have extensive study in certain areas, to share from their perspective. 



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